Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grave Carvings, Symbols and Epitaphs - Old Hill Burying Ground, Concord, MA

Sarah Wheeler

Here lies buried
the Body of Mrs. Sarah Wheeler
Wife of Ens. William Wheeler 
who Departed this Life 
Sept 23 A.D. 1744
Age 75 years 7 M & 1 Day

Mary Chandler

In Memory of
Mrs. Mary Chandler
Consort of Mr. James Chandler
who died
May 4th 1746
Aged 26 years
3 months & 4 days

Mary Minot

in memory of Mrs. Mary Minot
consort of
Capt. Jonas Minot
who was virtuous and exemplary
in life manifested a steady hope
in the mercy of God through a redeemer
and died in the 34th year of her age

Ephraim Whittaker

to the Memory of
Mr. Ephraim Whittaker
who departed this Life
on the 3rd day of June 1799
AE 79

Diseases fore long time I bore
Physicians proved in vain
Till Death did seize and God did please 
to ease me of my pain
As you are now once was I
Reader As I am now so you must be 
Prepare for death and follow me
Charlestown 1792

Mary Ingraham

Here lies the Body of
Mrs. Mary Ingraham
wife of Duncan Ingraham
who died the 15th of Nov 1794
in the 64th year of her Age

Esther Buttrick

Here lies the Body of Mrs. Esther Buttrick
wife of Mr. Willard Buttrick
who died Nov 3, 1775 n the 27th year of her age

She was a loving wife, a desirable 
Companion, a tender & loving mother, 
A peaceable, kind & good Neighbor. 
Insomuch that she gained a good report
& love of all her Neighbors, in Many
Things she was Exemplary.
Being in her a Meek & humble Sperit
Given to acts of Charity & kindness;
Liberal to the poor, in her Life she
Seemed to behave like a Christian; &
towards her latter end endured long 
Sickness with Remarkable patience;
At last with a Resigned will to God's 
will laid down her Life with hopes 
That through Christ she might
Obtain Eternal Life.

Job Brooks

Memory of
Mr. Job Brooks
who departed this life
Oct 26 1788,
In the 91st year of his age

He lived in the belief of the truths
of the Gospel of Christ,
and died in the hope of salvation
through his merits,
and was considered by survivors
as coming to the grave in a full age
as a shock of corn cometh in
in his season
"Now let my death be all serene
Exclaimed the ancient saint
Since thy salvation I have seen;
I die without complaint"

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