Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thomas Boynton Ives Brown - Old North Burying Ground

Thomas Boynton Ives, only son of
Moses Brown and Ann Allen Ives,
was born in Providence,
January 17, 1834.

He devoted himself
to the service of his country
in the darkest hours
of its fortunes,
and by efficient and
gallant conduct
attained the grade of Lieutenant Commander
in the Navy of the
United States.
He persevered in the
fulfillment of duty until the
restoration of authority
and peace,
and closed a life worn out
in the labours of his calling,
November 17, 1865,
at Havre, France.

Faithful unto death.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Woodland Cemetery in Coventry

OK, so this may or not be Woodland Cemetery (Historic Cemetery 66) in Coventry. There are no signs at what appears to be a cluster of cemeteries around the junction of Routes 116 and 117 in Coventry, most with very old and, in some case, abandoned and neglected stones and lots.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lynch family - Old North Burying Ground

William H. Lynch July 14, 1823-Nov 24, 1894. "A man of marked fidelity, strictly honorable and nobly generous he was respected and loved by all who knew him/."

Lydia W. Lynch, Jan 27m 1823-Mar 21, 1910. "A faithful wife, a fond mother, a sympathizing and helpful friend, blessed was her life."

William H. Aug 7, 1848-Mar 7, 1849. "A few days here, then paradise."

Ann E. Sept 13, 1846-Jan 29, 1861. "Sweet bud of promise, in bloom above.

William H. d. June 10, 1876. "Just bud."

Willis S. March 23, 1879-Nov, 17, 1886. "Darling, still ours, but in God's keeping."

Willis H. Freeman May 31 1849-Dec 2, 1927. "He hath done what he could"

His wife Annie E. Lynch, June 23, 1853-May 30, 1940.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dean brothers - Old North Burying Ground

John F. Dean
Born Sept. 9, 1803.
Died in Apalachicola, Fa.
June 15, 1831
in his 31st year.

Simon A. Dean
Born May 17, 1818
Died at Zanzabar, Africa,
on board Bark Montgomery
Feb. 1, 1816,
in his 26th year.

Swan Point in Providence

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Torrey Monument revisited - Mount Auburn - updated 1/7/2016

Two views of Edward Torrey's subtle yet powerful monument in Mount Auburn Cemetery. The first is a 1853 daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes and the second is my photo from 2010.


Ch's. T. Torrey.
Born at Scituate Nov. 21 1813,
Graduated at Yale College Aug. 1833.
Ordained at Providence March 1837
Arrested at Baltimore June 24, 1844.
Died in the Penitentiary of that city May 9, 1846.

The friends of the
American Slave
erect this stone
in his memory,
a martyr for Liberty

"Where NOW beneath
his burthen
The toiling slave
is driven.
Where now a tyrant's
is offered up
to heaven.
THERE shall his praise
be spoken,
redeemed from
falsehood's ban.
When the fetters shall
be broken,
And the slave shall
be a MAN."

According to mountauburn dot org Torrey is buried directly below the monument.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tripe family - Old North Burying Ground

In Memory of Bernon Tripe
son of Capt. Samuel & Mary Crawford Tripe
Died in Providence, RI
August 14, 1823,
Aged 36 years, 2 mos. & 14 days.

Here rest the remains of
Mrs. Mary Crawford Tripe,
Relict of Capt. Samuel Tripe,
(who was lost at Sea in the year 1778.)
and Daughter of Mr. Gideon
and Mrs. mary Crawford.
She departed this Life
Feb. 12, 1816,
in the 74th year of her Age:
having, through Life, discharged her
various Duties with exemplary Fidelity
and Christian Zeal.

"Mourn not, my friends, I feel no more the smart
Of the afflicted head or aching heart;
Mourn for your sins against a gracious God,
Believe in Christ and taste his precious blood.
This stone is witness that the warning's given;
Choose the good part that safe conducts to heaven."

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Old North Burying Ground December 2011

Incredible light and shadows even at midday -- what a cemetery should look like. . .