Saturday, January 9, 2010

Epitaph: Charles Frederick and Julia Ann Herreshoff of Providence

"Charles Frederick"
Son of Charles F. and Sarah Herreshoff
Born in Providence July 26, 1809.
He died in Bristol Sept. 8, 1888

Married May 15, 1833

"Julia Ann"
Daughter of Joseph Warren and
Ann Lane Lewis
Born in Boston March 20, 1811
She died in Bristol Feb 19, 1901.

"In principle inflexible, in manner dignified and gentle
Of tastes simple, but refined.
He was a lover of Nature, of music and of all beauty.
Welcoming new truth while loyally cherishing the old.
His favorite study was the advancement of Naval Science.
Home was his center of enjoyment.
And the promotion of others’ happiness his constant care.
Thus he won the respect of all about him
And the assurance of that reward
Which awaits a life well spent."

"Gifted by nature with keen sensibility
And habitually a love of Justice and Humanity
She approved the labors that marked the age for progress
In freedom, in temperance and in Religious toleration
But found her own field of service at home.
Proficient in music, its influence pervaded her life
And her constant effort was for harmony and peace
Eyes was she to the blind, a loving guide and comforter
Her cherished faith making Religion to consist
In love to God and love to Man"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Epitaph: Stephen Hopkins of Providence

"Sacred to the memory of
the illustrious
Stephen Hopkins,
of revolutionary fame.
Attested by his signature
to the declaration
of our national independence.
Great in council,
from the sagacity of mind;
magnanimous in sentiment,
firm in purpose,
and good, as great,
from the benevolence of heart;
he stood in the first rank of
statesmen and patriots.
Self educated,
yet among the most learned of men;
his vast treasury of useful knowledge,
his great retentive
and reflective powers,
combined with his social nature,
made him the most interesting
of companions in private life."