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William S. Sprague family in Swan Point

William S. Sprague family

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Old Bellingham Cemetery - Bellingham, MA

Genl Eliakem Adams 
Died No. 30, 1808 
Aged 51 years 
Bathsheba Adams 
wife of Eliakem Adams 
Died Aug. 24, 1800 
Aged 41 years 
[side 2] 
Metcalf Adams 
son of Genl Eliakem Adams 
Died May 4, 1862 
Aged 67 years 
 [side 3] 
Hamblet Barber Jr. 
Died July 1870 in the 86th year of his age 
Bathsheba Barber 
Died Feb. 7, 1866 in the 80th year of her age
built by Daniel Penniman, John allen, and Stephen Metcalf

The Smith family: Julia, wife of Peteliah and their children Augustus, Catherine and Warren

Mrs. Roxanna Cook
wife of Abijah Cook
who died June 7, 1842
aged 59 years
Thus God’s decree that she should leave
This world of sin and paine:
Then let our consolation be
Our loss will be her gain

Abijah Cook
Died May 14, 1869, aged 84 years, 7 moths and 20 days
"He has left us"

Mrs. Hopestill, 1768

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