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Captain Jabez B. Blanding

Brevet Capt. Jabez B. Blanding 
21st Reg Veteran Res. Corps
After serving
with distinguished courage in the U.S. Army
from the commencement to the close of the Civil War
he was basely assassinated
while in the discharge of
his military duties
at Grenada, Mississippi
April 30, 1864
in his 25th year

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General Alfred Duffie

Although he's buried in New York, there's a fine memorial in the Old North Burial Ground in Providence to this Parisian-born, French-trained army officer who made his military mark and career with the US Army.

Duffie's memorial is right next to the Rhode Island memorial to France -- for some a savior of the fledgling republic during the Revolutionary War.