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Benjamin Waterhouse, M.D., Mt. Auburn Cemetery

"Benjamin Waterhouse, M.D., born 4 March, 1754, in Newport, RI, where began his classical and medical education. In 1775 he went to Europe and completed it in the schools of London, Edinburgh, and Leyden. In 1782 he returned home. thenceforth his ripened powers and various attainments were devoted to the advancement of science and the interests of humanity.

"In 1783 he was chosen the first professor of the theory and practice of physic in Harvard College. The appropriate duties of his office he discharged for thirty years, and also promoted by his labors a taste for the kindred science of natural history.

"In 1800 he introduced to the new world the blessing of vaccination, overcame popular prejudice and distrust by testing it on his own children, and thus established a title to the gratitude of future ages.

"He died in Cambridge, 2 October 1846.

"This monument is erected by his widow in testimony of his private worth and of his merit as a public benefactor."